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Intellectual property can be the most crucial asset to a business owner, adding value to the company and brand recognition for its goods or services.  Having the proper protection in place is essential to a business’s longevity. Whether it is a business name, slogan, logo, artistic or literary work, there must be protection in place.

We can handle your trademark and copyright issues. Our attorneys have experience in all steps of trademark prosecution, including filing trademark applications, responding to office actions issued by the trademark office, handling trademark oppositions and cancellations, and policing your trademark rights. We can also file your copyright applications and create custom terms of service and privacy policies for your website to further protect your intellectual property, regardless of the medium you choose.

Whether you are a current business that needs brand protection or a startup that would like to know more before you begin a business, give us a call or contact us to discuss and explore your options. We service clients throughout the nation.

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Give us a call or contact us to discuss and explore your options.