Zecharias “Zech” Embaye

Zecharias Embaye

Zecharias “Zech” Embaye


The proud son of two immigrant parents, Zecharias, or Zech as we call him, is passionate about helping his clients in their pursuit of the American Dream. Zech became the first in his family to graduate college. But he didn’t stop there. Driven by his lifelong goal of becoming an attorney he went to law school. And he graduated. And he became a lawyer. Turns out, dreams do come true.

Now you’ll find Zech using his law degree to help others on the “transactional heroes” side of the firm, advising clients on a wide variety of client issues involving estate planning, business formation. and management and contract services
Zech also puts his real estate background and management experience to work helping clients achieve their goals.

In his free time, you might run into Zech at the Dallas Museum of Art or fishing at White Rock Lake. He also enjoys reading and spending time with family. He’s also fond of his Eritrean heritage and enjoys cooking traditional meals for his friends on the weekends.